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If you want to know how to buy a boat license, perhaps it would be better to understand first what is going on. 
It is not the first time and probably will not be the last to hear about the sale licenses in Italy!
It is a widespread phenomenon that has lasted for decades but has recently become almost a constant in the nautical sector. We offer you the unique opportunities to buy your license at an affordable price. 

Dove posso comprare la patente nautica

Whether you are from east or west or north or south, you can buy a boat driving license easily from us without exams. All you have to do is provide your details and your license will be issued and delivered to you within 9 days.


Patente Nautica: a cosa serve e dove prenderla a Genova

Nautical license: what it is for and where to get it in Genoa

For the command of pleasure craft over 24 meters long
For the command of pleasure craft with a length equal to or less than 24 meters when sailing more than 6 miles from the coast, on personal watercraft, with an engine of displacement greater than 750 cm3 two-stroke carburetion or injection, or 1,000 cm3 if four-stroke outboard carburetion or direct injection, or 1,300 cm3 if four-stroke inboard carburetion, or 2,000 cm3 if diesel cycle
On units with installed on board an engine with a power greater than 30 kW
For the operation of units used in the sport of water skiing.

Puoi anche acquistare la patente da noi. Puoi anche comprare una patente olandese da noi. puoi anche comprare una patente di guida francese da noi.


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